There are times when remodeling and renovating a home is necessary. After fires, water damage, or any type of disaster, the interior of a home needs to be repaired. Updating the interior is also a way to breathe new life into older homes that suffer from outdated wall paneling, flooring, or cabinetry. 

Remodels and renovations are a great way to increase a home or room’s functionality. It enhances a home’s look and can increase property value. The most common rooms to be renovated inside a home are bathrooms and kitchens. These rooms are often remodeled for aesthetics or to create a more user friendly space for wheelchair or walker access. 

Interior remodeling projects often balance between cost and value. Converting a bedroom into an office may decrease a home’s value because assessors value bedrooms more highly. Additionally, creating a new room out of basement or garage space may be unappealing to homeowners or buyers, as this can create a lack of storage space. 

Homeowners engage in large and small scale renovations regularly. Simple renovations include replacing lights, floors, and countertops. Larger remodeling projects may include knocking down walls, adding windows, and building additions. Ultimately, renovating a home is meant to improve the property and add value. 

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